Tuesday, 9 April 2013

What drives Steve Jobs and what drives me

What drives Steve Jobs?

What drives Steve Jobs is his beliefs. He wants to be different, he wants to make a difference, he believe in himself. He perseveres and do not listen to the bad comments from others. To be exact, I think what drives Steve Jobs is 'I can' these two words. he believe he can and and he work towards his goal. He trust his heart and follows it he believe that for some one to strive, he/she must have passion. It is no use seating in a class and listening to stuff when you do not even like it. You will not want to listen as you will think that you are being forces and will not strive. When you like something, you will be a able to understand it, and listen and you will strive it is something in your heart.

What drives me?

I do not really know what drives me, but it should be to have a definite answer. I think that life is ridiculous as there is no fixed answer we live and die. Then, whats the use of even to be alive so what if we study so hard we will die eventually so basically I want to have fun in life and make it interesting since we are going to die why not have fun and die happily. But I think that this dream is never going to happen as we are force to study. I think it is ok for me to study subject that I have interest in and not those that I do not have as I pick up stuff fast at the subject that I have interest in. One of the subject that I have interest in is Maths and I think it is because it has a definite answer once I understand the method, I will know how to do the other questions and the answer is fixed. The answer is not like english which can be presented in many form. I am just using these subject as examples. Another thing that drive me is to ask and ask but that cannot be applied to all the subject and stuff in life. There are a lot of things in life that are not discovered yet and are waiting to be discovered, so no one will know everything in the world so sometimes people cannot answer my questions.

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