Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Scamper (Late because of Daris)

(Late) What drives me and what drives steve jobs

What drives Steve Jobs:
He has a mindset that is different from others, thinking of something that no one else at that time would think off. Even though when he first released he first products they were not very popular. But he still persisted and continued on. And after people started to like his thinking and thus he is today regraded as one of the most famous person in the world. Although today, the world is still dominated by windows since most items or tools used for computers and etc. are made for windows and they world were to change every item or tool only meant for windows to mac. It can cost a fortune.
What drives me:
My Friends and most importantly my family. They are always covering my back helping me and pushing me forward to achieve better results. They will help me if they can and if i have a problem they will refer me to a person that can help. Thanks guys

(Late) What drives me and Steve Jobs?

What drives me?
 - Music, e.g. Glee, drives me. Some lyrics of music are really inspirational, some teaches me to never give up, while some others teaches me that it is okay to fail. Glee's storyline and drama also teaches me life skills, how to excel in life and many others. Without music, I wouldn't be alive. Music is always there for me, and glee taught me a lot more songs that suit atmospheres and feelings. For example, when I am at the edge, going to give up already, I would think :"What would the students of glee club do?" And then the songs part come in to fit my feelings like I Won't Give Up (Jason Mraz)
 - Something else that drives me is my older brother, Sean. He is the greatest gift my parents had ever gave me. Without him, I also wouldn't be alive. In times of need, he will try to help me to the best of his ability, using his smart brain and his wide deep wise knowledge. Although sometimes he would discourage me, he is still my good brother. He  is honest with me most of the time and he would make me think again when I were going to give up.
 - Lastly, my friends (not those fair weathered ones). They are most of the time there for me when I need them. The are able to really understand my feelings and give me the greatest advice and ideas I could ever get. They are also most of the time very straight-forward and honest with me when I ask for opinions.

What drives Steve Jobs?
His will to change the world, I guess. Upon research (http://www.forbes.com/sites/stevedenning/2011/11/17/the-lost-interview-steve-jobs-tells-us-what-really-matters/), he said that he read this article that left a big impact on him, that we humans are tool builders. So i guess that that article drove him.

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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Ze very late homework

What drives Steve Jobs: Two things.
1 He thought different. : Take the iPhone for example, we all know it has no keypad because it is inside! He thought doing so will make his product more attractive which in the end did.
2 He wanted to change the world.: Well, without his iPhone, Macs etc. I guess we would have never  made it to the IT age

What drives me...?
Friends and parents: The 2 most important groups of people in your life, they help u throughout your whole life.
Being a fighter: it always remind me to dont give up despite the circumstances

Yes, this is a late post....

Thursday, 21 March 2013

T1W10 Social Challenge

Gentle reminder to take a look at the challenge below.
Do come to class ready with the challenge in mind.

Students not progressing.

Dear class,

The picture below shows how much you have progress as a class with regards to understanding about innovation.

Red highlighted boxes implies you have not thought about the matter till 21st March 2013.

Johanna, Nikisha and Axel, well done!!! You are the 3 potential innovators and entrepreneurs at this point in time. And only they would be able to grow above you all.

Those behind time/level, You have 1 more week to catch up and think about the post/ homework made or given to help you think as an innovator and have an entrepreneur mindset.

We will know now why some have developed in their mindset and some have not.
This is my evidence.;)