Tuesday, 26 March 2013

(Late) What drives me and what drives steve jobs

What drives Steve Jobs:
He has a mindset that is different from others, thinking of something that no one else at that time would think off. Even though when he first released he first products they were not very popular. But he still persisted and continued on. And after people started to like his thinking and thus he is today regraded as one of the most famous person in the world. Although today, the world is still dominated by windows since most items or tools used for computers and etc. are made for windows and they world were to change every item or tool only meant for windows to mac. It can cost a fortune.
What drives me:
My Friends and most importantly my family. They are always covering my back helping me and pushing me forward to achieve better results. They will help me if they can and if i have a problem they will refer me to a person that can help. Thanks guys

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