Tuesday, 26 March 2013

(Late) What drives me and Steve Jobs?

What drives me?
 - Music, e.g. Glee, drives me. Some lyrics of music are really inspirational, some teaches me to never give up, while some others teaches me that it is okay to fail. Glee's storyline and drama also teaches me life skills, how to excel in life and many others. Without music, I wouldn't be alive. Music is always there for me, and glee taught me a lot more songs that suit atmospheres and feelings. For example, when I am at the edge, going to give up already, I would think :"What would the students of glee club do?" And then the songs part come in to fit my feelings like I Won't Give Up (Jason Mraz)
 - Something else that drives me is my older brother, Sean. He is the greatest gift my parents had ever gave me. Without him, I also wouldn't be alive. In times of need, he will try to help me to the best of his ability, using his smart brain and his wide deep wise knowledge. Although sometimes he would discourage me, he is still my good brother. He  is honest with me most of the time and he would make me think again when I were going to give up.
 - Lastly, my friends (not those fair weathered ones). They are most of the time there for me when I need them. The are able to really understand my feelings and give me the greatest advice and ideas I could ever get. They are also most of the time very straight-forward and honest with me when I ask for opinions.

What drives Steve Jobs?
His will to change the world, I guess. Upon research (http://www.forbes.com/sites/stevedenning/2011/11/17/the-lost-interview-steve-jobs-tells-us-what-really-matters/), he said that he read this article that left a big impact on him, that we humans are tool builders. So i guess that that article drove him.

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