Thursday, 21 March 2013

Students not progressing.

Dear class,

The picture below shows how much you have progress as a class with regards to understanding about innovation.

Red highlighted boxes implies you have not thought about the matter till 21st March 2013.

Johanna, Nikisha and Axel, well done!!! You are the 3 potential innovators and entrepreneurs at this point in time. And only they would be able to grow above you all.

Those behind time/level, You have 1 more week to catch up and think about the post/ homework made or given to help you think as an innovator and have an entrepreneur mindset.

We will know now why some have developed in their mindset and some have not.
This is my evidence.;)


  1. Miss Adele, I would LOVE to hand in our groups item, but then Daris, who said she would post it up deleted it as well as Shi Qiang and I...

    1. OK I found the backup and will now put it up, soon...

  2. Miss Lim, I did the slogan "necessity is the mother of invention" already for the T1W2 but you marked it uncompleted.

  3. Miss Lim, I did all the homework except for T1 W8 but you marked them as incomplete.

  4. Miss Lim I did everything!