Thursday, 19 September 2013

Recycling Jukebox - Group 4 (Dawn, Nikisha and Li Ying)

The Regenerator- Group 5 (Donovan, Shi Qiang, Benjamin)

EleCharger - Group 7: Kenneth Kiang, Kenneth Mah & Ho Jia Wei

EE Camp Reflection - Axel

3 things I have learnt from the camp:

1. Follow your gut.
2. Take the risk
3. Failure is just part of the journey to success 

2 experiences from the camp :
1. Not being able to think of an idea within a time limit.
2. Being inspired by other entrepreneurs

1 lesson that can be applied for the I&E Bazaar :

Collaborate with other people, build relationships with others.When you fall, they will pick you up. 

Time Traveller - Group 3 : Darie, Crane, Axel

Recorded Cyber Wellness Lesson, Group 8 (By Javier Tay (15), Augustine Yap (07) and Ray Chua (11))

Speed Catcher (Group 1; Johanna Lim Ziyun, Chong Yong Liang and Shaun Tan Zhengxun)

Monday, 16 September 2013

Note the I&E Timeline

IE camp reflection

a. I learnt that being an entrepreneur can be very difficult as your peers might give you negative feedback.

b.I learnt that many opportunities might find you but you need to identify them and take advantage of them

c.I learnt that being an entrepreneur might require you to work well with others , accept their objections and work based on that.

a)I got the experience to present in front of a large group of students more than usual and I actually got nervous ,that was fun .

b)I also experienced working on a project in a short period of time with people I was not familiar working with , which I will not say was easy.

I think I should get a large network of friends to help me during different time of needs.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

E^2 (Exploring Entrepreneurship) Camp Reflection

3 things that I have learned from the Exploring Entrepreneurship Camp:

#1 Keeping track of how much you spend and how much you profit is VERY important!!

    i) This helps you to keep track and see whether your business is worth continuing.

    ii) If it is, this will help you improve how much you spend and allow you to increase the amount of profit you earn /(o3o)/ Oh yeah!

#2 When starting an entrepreneurship business, go with your gut feeling!

    i) Of course, you got to check the market to see whether your idea already exists! Or if your idea is liked by the public.

    ii) If it is, then FULL SPEED AHEAD!!!!!!

#3 Teamwork is very important!

    i) Your team is your lifeblood for a full blown business! You can't manage it all by yourself!

    ii) So stick together, through the hardships and it will all pay off!

2 things that I have gained from the Exploring Entrepreneurship Camp:

#1 Inspiration! 

From listening to the story on how that 21 year old poly student started a tau heuy business, to the 2 dudes that created Carousell, to Uncle William's quail farm, it was all VERY interesting. It goes to show that business ideas and in fact any innovative idea can come from ANYWHERE! Isn't that fantastic?

#2 Determination 

After that camp, I got inspired to dream BIG. So, now I aspire to become (MAYBE) a businessman. But, I still have to do well in school. So, I now will strive to achieve the goal of studying and achieving well.

I&E Camp Reflections by Kok Li Ying (4)

3 things you have learnt from the EE Camp:
  • I learnt how the entrepreneurs started their business.
  • I learnt that when we fail, it means one step to success.
  • I learnt that we should grab the opportunity before it's gone.
2 experiences that you have gained from the EE Camp:
  • I experienced the moment when I was standing in front of an audience and presenting.
  • I realised the pressure I had while we were preparing for the presentation in such a short time.
1 lesson that I can apply towards the upcoming IE Bazaar: 
  • I have to come out with a good idea and work with my friends so that the customers will like it.

IE Camp Reflection (Darie Chan Rong Zhi)

3 things that you have learnt from the EE camp.
  • I learnt about the different entrepreneurs ideas and how they started their business
  • I learnt that should cherish all opportunity that comes my way
  • Everyone could become an entrepreneur even if you do not have money as all we need is hard work

2 experiences that you have gained from the EE camp.

  • I experienced the feeling of presenting on a very big stage
  • I saw how you can earn money by anything like quail eggs

1 lesson that you can apply towards the upcoming I&E Bazaar.

Make many friends so that you can have a wide network as it will help you in your business

I&E Camp Reflections by Nikisha (6) ^3^

3 Things I Learnt:

~ Come up with creative yet realistic ideas
~ Don't be afraid to take risks
~ We all have to try to recognise a trend in the market to figure out what innovation or business you should start

2 Experiences I Gained:

~ I worked together with people whom I have never teamed up with before
~ I had to come up with an innovation along with my team mates as quickly as possible

1 lesson that I can Apply to the I&E Bazaar:

~ We have to come up with an idea for our booth that customers would actually want.

Friday, 13 September 2013

I&E Camp Reflections by Kiang Jia Ming Kenneth (17)

3 things that you have learnt from the EE camp.
  • I learnt about difference business terms like gross profit.
  • I learnt that I should grab any opportunity I can.
  • I learnt that it takes time and hardwork to achieve something.

2 experiences that you have gained from the EE camp.
  • I realised the difficulty and anxiety when I present in front of a huge audience.
  • I understood how it feels like when you have lesser team mates than others and the pressure you would feel.

1 lesson that you can apply towards the upcoming I&E Bazaar.
  •  I have to come up with a good idea that can make profit easily.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

I&E Camp Reflections By Sean Lim (19)

3 things that you have learnt from the EE Camp.
- How to come up with Innovative Ideas that are realistic.
- I learnt that teamwork and co-operation was also important within a company to run a business.
- I have learnt that risks are necessary in order to achieve success, if you see a opportunity, take it and never regret.

2 experiences that you have gained from the EE Camp.
- I never really go to present since I was not there but I actually got to experience how its like to have so much pressure on, my teammates expected me to be there to present but I could not make it, luckily I was able to send the slides to them in time.
- I realised how solutions can be thought of in such a quick time, the whole idea behind Smart Save™ was thought up while I was unable to use my handphone while walking home during a sunny day.

1 lesson that you can apply towards the upcoming IE Bazaar.
- I now am more aware of whenever I think of ideas, so that I can note them down and make improvements to my current product.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Camp Reflections by Johanna Lim Ziyun

-3 things that I have learnt from the EE Camp.
1) I learnt that to start a business, you need to know the trend in the market and the 4Ps (Price, Product, Promotion and Place) as this is important in order for you to make profits and at the same time, know your customer's needs. 

2) The second thing I have learnt is teamwork. No matter what happens, we have to stick as a team. Like the elevator pitch competition, before that was the preparation and it was a little chaotic but I had fun. I finally understood the meaning of teamwork, working together. It is not just one solo job but everyone counts.

3) The third and final thing I learnt is that it takes time to start up a business and to get it on the market. You have to choose the right product and find the correct target audience. It also takes a lot of effort and determination to continue the business, the going may get tough but we have to persevere until it is over. 

-2 experiences that I have gained from the EE Camp.
1) It was from the Carousell talk, at a young age (around 20 to 22 years), they had already started up a lucrative business. Sui Rui sacrificed his masters degree and Marcus sacrificed his job at Oracle. The experience shared by them left me a deep impression of business. In life, you have to make sacrifices for the things you want to achieve. 

2) The other experience would be the Foodlingo talk. The presenter, Wei Ting, worked at a food business when she was Primary 2. She 'upgraded' herself to working at a factory when she was Secondary 1. She had to juggle between school and the business. In the end, she had 3 food ventures and is planning to set up a cafe on her own in time to come! I believe that she has given me the will and encouragement to become an entrepreneur. 

-1 lesson that I can apply towards the upcoming IE Bazaar.
The lesson that I can apply towards the upcoming IE Bazaar would be that in business, there are a lot of factors to consider and we have to take risks, although the risks may be high, if we have a dream, we should just go for it! Apart from that, for the upcoming IE Bazaar, I will plan the costs and market the item or service that we are going to sell. Marketing is important as you will be able to attract customers and gain more profits.