Thursday, 12 September 2013

I&E Camp Reflections By Sean Lim (19)

3 things that you have learnt from the EE Camp.
- How to come up with Innovative Ideas that are realistic.
- I learnt that teamwork and co-operation was also important within a company to run a business.
- I have learnt that risks are necessary in order to achieve success, if you see a opportunity, take it and never regret.

2 experiences that you have gained from the EE Camp.
- I never really go to present since I was not there but I actually got to experience how its like to have so much pressure on, my teammates expected me to be there to present but I could not make it, luckily I was able to send the slides to them in time.
- I realised how solutions can be thought of in such a quick time, the whole idea behind Smart Save™ was thought up while I was unable to use my handphone while walking home during a sunny day.

1 lesson that you can apply towards the upcoming IE Bazaar.
- I now am more aware of whenever I think of ideas, so that I can note them down and make improvements to my current product.

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