Sunday, 15 September 2013

E^2 (Exploring Entrepreneurship) Camp Reflection

3 things that I have learned from the Exploring Entrepreneurship Camp:

#1 Keeping track of how much you spend and how much you profit is VERY important!!

    i) This helps you to keep track and see whether your business is worth continuing.

    ii) If it is, this will help you improve how much you spend and allow you to increase the amount of profit you earn /(o3o)/ Oh yeah!

#2 When starting an entrepreneurship business, go with your gut feeling!

    i) Of course, you got to check the market to see whether your idea already exists! Or if your idea is liked by the public.

    ii) If it is, then FULL SPEED AHEAD!!!!!!

#3 Teamwork is very important!

    i) Your team is your lifeblood for a full blown business! You can't manage it all by yourself!

    ii) So stick together, through the hardships and it will all pay off!

2 things that I have gained from the Exploring Entrepreneurship Camp:

#1 Inspiration! 

From listening to the story on how that 21 year old poly student started a tau heuy business, to the 2 dudes that created Carousell, to Uncle William's quail farm, it was all VERY interesting. It goes to show that business ideas and in fact any innovative idea can come from ANYWHERE! Isn't that fantastic?

#2 Determination 

After that camp, I got inspired to dream BIG. So, now I aspire to become (MAYBE) a businessman. But, I still have to do well in school. So, I now will strive to achieve the goal of studying and achieving well.

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