Thursday, 11 July 2013

Nikisha, Li Ying, and Dawn :3 Action Plan

2013 Sec 1 I&E CPS Action Plan Template

Class: S1-09

Leader: Li Ying

Member(s): Kok Li Ying, Nikisha Tan-Mishra, and Dawn Lim Gin

What (Tasks)
Who (Student In-Charge)
How (Break the task into parts and briefly explains how to get it done if necessary)
When (Completion date in terms of week and day)
Print out. Put paper in the pigeon hole on monday
Li Ying
Print out and put in the pigeon hole
15 July 2013
Design the product
Draw out the design of the product
Week 4
Design of poster
Design the poster, and print out hard copy
Week 5
Make presentation slides
Week 6
Li Ying
Send everything to Ms Lim
Week 7

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