Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Homework T1W3 ( Part 2)

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  1. Steve Jobs was able have a second thought about what people didn't even bother to think of, he was able to identify the beauty of the colour white for example. His Creativity also enabled him to create the user-friendly iPhone. His mindset was different from other people, thus allowing him to look at things in a different manner to make those things better in a different way.
    Me? I just think that there are infinite possibilities of improvement to a product, And that there will never be a 'Best Phone'. It is because of this, if the iphone, for example, continues on to 6,7 or even more, people will get bored of it and a new type of phone would be released my another brilliant mind, Thats the reason why Apple is adapting to the desires of human needs, their products are constantly changing, But in the end, All apple products of the present will be forgotten because of the changes in human desire of the iPhone... And change is what drives me to innovate.