Saturday, 26 January 2013

What drives me and Steve Jobs

What drives Steve Jobs?
Steve Jobs wanted to be different from other people, and do something that has a unique idea, and which no one had ever thought of. He introduced people to a more advanced technology and changed their mindsets completely. He failed numerous times, but he did not give up and continue to work hard on what he has done, thus he became successful.

What drives me?
Well, to me, live is very precious. Everyone only has one live and we have to cherish it. If we do not, it will be wasted. I do my best in everything, and like Steve Jobs, I do not give up. Even if it is difficult for me to accomplish, I will not say no. I will continue until I get it right. Encouragement from my family and fellow peers also strives me to do even harder, and better in what I do. I do my utmost best, and like many other people, I do not want to die of regret.

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