Saturday, 26 January 2013

What Drives Steve Jobs and What Drives Me

What Drives Steve Jobs?
Steve Jobs wanted to make a impact on society. Something which will become a legacy. Ever since the Iphone was released, it was a new era of  technology. Most of the other phone companies started making phones without keyboards. 
He also wanted to make people think that high-tech devices could also be user-friendly. 
Steve wanted his ideas to be introduced to the world.
What drives me?
Right now, life may seem to be very long. However, in a flash, we will be grandparents already. So we have to make use of every second in our life, whether it is innovating or inventing something, our life is extremely precious. I also want to be, like everybody else, unique. Different from others. I also do not want to regret my decisions when I am old. So, I try to do my best. But as Yoda would say, "Do or Do not. There is no 'try'."

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