Friday, 25 January 2013

What drives Steve Jobs and me?

What drives Steve Jobs to be innovative?

His beliefs are that it is fine to be different and unique from the rest and one need not do the same as others. He also believed in unleashing his creativity. He created the iPhone, the first phone in history to not have a physical keyboard. He did that to advance technology in this world and make the world a better place. Furthermore, the phone that he has designed is also simple which allows not much friction between the user and the phone, thus, making it more user-friendly.

What drives me to do my best?

I strive to do my best in life as this opportunity, whether big or small, simple or difficult, it may only come once in my life and I want to treasure this chance and do it well. Also, to do well in life, we have to set goals. For me, I have done that and day by day, I am inching forward, getting closer and closer to it and hoping to achieve the goal I want. Other than academics, I do my best in every way I can, Art, Sports and Wellness etc. It is also the encouragements I have from my peers, teachers and parents that have led me to my achievements today.

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