Friday, 25 January 2013

What drives me and Steve Jobs

What drives Steve Jobs

Steve jobs wanted to do something different from all the other people. He is able to think outside the box,for example when portable music player actually required a large carrying casing,Apple defied them and won wit the iPod and back when computer were a weird mess, apple pushed the iMac. From this we can see that Steve jobs wanted to do something different and he also made things look simpler like the iMac, all the other computer were bulky and big but the iMac was very slim and small .So in conclusion i think being different and be creative drives Steve Jobs.

What drives me

I believe that since nobody really knows how we came here or why are human here, we should really go with the flow in life and since you are given the opportunity to live, do not be sad. Living is a privilege and we should enjoy it .Why should we have all the arguments when all of it can be solved? In my opinion, you should not worry or be sad in your life you should be happy all day until the day you die so on the death bed you can die knowing that you lived your days happy and you would have nothing to worry about as I think dying with regret is the most painful death a person could have .

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