Friday, 25 January 2013

The Secret: What Drives Steve Jobs? (And me, too!)

  What drove Steve Jobs? What made him become the person that we know today?

  The answer can be summarized into one, impacting sentence: 

  CAN this be BETTER?  

  Why does this summarize what drove Steve Jobs?

  Examine EVERY product that Steve Jobs made. They are ALL innovative. Look at the iPhone. See the splash it made on the market when it came out. It was innovative. It was everything people wanted and more. 

  It was BETTER.

  So that is why Steve Jobs became the person that we know today. 

  Because he REFUSED to NOT give his best.

  So, then what drives me?

  Such a simple question.

  But such a complicated answer.

  What drives me is this:

  Life is PRECIOUS. It is a PRIVILEGE to live. And we one get one shot at living . 

  Just ONE shot.

  That is why I do my BEST

  I don't want to DIE with REGRETS          

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