Thursday, 31 January 2013

Combination of 2 things


The Flying Lawnmower - No brainer to judge its usefulness (0% for moving the lawn, 100% for entertainment purposes)

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Innovative Invention! (By Ray)



Thank You, Thank You!

Monday, 28 January 2013

Smart TVS

TVs are now integrated with features of smartphones.

Dawn Lim Innovation

(pencil + eraser = *above)

chong_yong_liang innovation


                     +                    =
wifi emmiter







it is a combination of a shoe and a some wheels and it becomes a rollerblade even though you will need some practice before you can play it, it is still a good kind of sport and it is very fun.

I can't post on the post of Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication.

The meaning of this is just saying that being simple is good too at times as being complicated may confuse people so we should keep our things simple but creative. Something simple can serve the purpose of something that is complex, then the simple is more sophisticated. If something cannot be further simplified, then that is ultimate sophistication. Also, simplicity helps people to understand and learn better. 







It is a combination of a mop and the bucket. The bucket stores water and the mop dries up the floor. With this combination, there will not be a need to carry two individuals and instead, it is more convenient. 

Nikisha :3 - Connection



Camera and phone together = Phone with a camera. Genius. 

I don't really know how to explain how this became an innovation. Just... someone wanted handphones to have more functions and be more practical... so this is it.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

T1W4 Homework

1) Give an example of a connection between 2 things and how one/two of them inspired an innovation.

2) COMMENT on the statement above.

Ng Wei Jie-Connection

Gum-ball = Someone thought that candy was the most liked thing on this world, so he made gum-ball as a candy-bubblegum.


a.k.a i-Duet

It is a combination of 2 things that remove mistakes, an eraser and correction tape.

What drives Steve Jobs and what innovates me?

What drives Steve Jobs?

Steve Jobs wanted to change the world and it's view of thinking, but instead of helping him change it, he suffered humiliation from others. Despite all this, he managed to get hold of our hearts of ours only now, after he died.

What will drive me?

I can't say that I will, so I'll try to be a little bit like him and try not to feel embarrassed as it is the way we, in the 21 Century, lives.

What drives Steve Jobs and Me to Innovate

  I believe that what drove Steve Jobs was his passion to change and innovate for other's needs, not opinions. He held onto his belief and eventually made it to the top.

  What drives me is the constant reminder I have for myself which is that no matter what I am best at, there will be someone who is better at it.

What Drives Steve Jobs and Me to be Innovative

Steve Jobs :3
To make the world a better place and help improve lives of others by making simple yet practical creations.

Me :D
To help animals in need and to encourage people to care for all flora and fauna.

By: Nikisha (6)

What drove Steve Jobs and what drives me

Steve Jobs.

You probably associate this name with the creator of a new range of products, but I associate this name with the man who was driven by the will of being different. Only because of this will , he was able to create entirely new and never seen before products.

What drives me, you ask?

Well, the ever-changing world and society drives me to do my best, to survive this cruel and unforgiving world , to emerge victorious...

Saturday, 26 January 2013

What drives Steve Jobs and me

What drives Steve Jobs
I think it is the need for change to make things easier. He wanted to make a phone or computer, extremely user-friendly and stylish, so that people can change their perspective of phones and computers. For example, many phones before the iPhone didn't have a keyboard, and people liked it, but after the iPhone without keyboard was introduced, people started to change and they liked it better.
What drives me
It is the fact that we only live once, so i want to give my best and not have any regrets about my life when my life comes to an end.

What Drives Steve Jobs and What Drives Me

What Drives Steve Jobs?
Steve Jobs wanted to make a impact on society. Something which will become a legacy. Ever since the Iphone was released, it was a new era of  technology. Most of the other phone companies started making phones without keyboards. 
He also wanted to make people think that high-tech devices could also be user-friendly. 
Steve wanted his ideas to be introduced to the world.
What drives me?
Right now, life may seem to be very long. However, in a flash, we will be grandparents already. So we have to make use of every second in our life, whether it is innovating or inventing something, our life is extremely precious. I also want to be, like everybody else, unique. Different from others. I also do not want to regret my decisions when I am old. So, I try to do my best. But as Yoda would say, "Do or Do not. There is no 'try'."

What drives me and Steve Jobs

What drives Steve Jobs?
Steve Jobs wanted to be different from other people, and do something that has a unique idea, and which no one had ever thought of. He introduced people to a more advanced technology and changed their mindsets completely. He failed numerous times, but he did not give up and continue to work hard on what he has done, thus he became successful.

What drives me?
Well, to me, live is very precious. Everyone only has one live and we have to cherish it. If we do not, it will be wasted. I do my best in everything, and like Steve Jobs, I do not give up. Even if it is difficult for me to accomplish, I will not say no. I will continue until I get it right. Encouragement from my family and fellow peers also strives me to do even harder, and better in what I do. I do my utmost best, and like many other people, I do not want to die of regret.

Steve Jobs

What drives Steve Jobs:
He wanted change the world, creating a new trend. For example in the past people would like black or dark colored phones but when steve jobs introduced the white colored smartphone, people started thinking hey a white colored phone isn't so bad. He also introduced the smartphone that has no keyboard. He continued on a mindset to change the world even though people disagreed with him. In a summary Steve Jobs is a innovator and also a creator, changing the would from what people said to be the old to the new. But eventually his products will be forgotten.  

Friday, 25 January 2013

What drives Steve Jobs and what drives me

What drove Steve Jobs:
-He did what he loved
-He wanted to create something different
-He dreamed bigger
-He wanted to sell his dream and not a product

What drives me:
-I like what I do
-I do not want to be like the rest

The Secret: What Drives Steve Jobs? (And me, too!)

  What drove Steve Jobs? What made him become the person that we know today?

  The answer can be summarized into one, impacting sentence: 

  CAN this be BETTER?  

  Why does this summarize what drove Steve Jobs?

  Examine EVERY product that Steve Jobs made. They are ALL innovative. Look at the iPhone. See the splash it made on the market when it came out. It was innovative. It was everything people wanted and more. 

  It was BETTER.

  So that is why Steve Jobs became the person that we know today. 

  Because he REFUSED to NOT give his best.

  So, then what drives me?

  Such a simple question.

  But such a complicated answer.

  What drives me is this:

  Life is PRECIOUS. It is a PRIVILEGE to live. And we one get one shot at living . 

  Just ONE shot.

  That is why I do my BEST

  I don't want to DIE with REGRETS          

What drives me and Steve Jobs

What drives Steve Jobs

Steve jobs wanted to do something different from all the other people. He is able to think outside the box,for example when portable music player actually required a large carrying casing,Apple defied them and won wit the iPod and back when computer were a weird mess, apple pushed the iMac. From this we can see that Steve jobs wanted to do something different and he also made things look simpler like the iMac, all the other computer were bulky and big but the iMac was very slim and small .So in conclusion i think being different and be creative drives Steve Jobs.

What drives me

I believe that since nobody really knows how we came here or why are human here, we should really go with the flow in life and since you are given the opportunity to live, do not be sad. Living is a privilege and we should enjoy it .Why should we have all the arguments when all of it can be solved? In my opinion, you should not worry or be sad in your life you should be happy all day until the day you die so on the death bed you can die knowing that you lived your days happy and you would have nothing to worry about as I think dying with regret is the most painful death a person could have .

What drives me and Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was different, he thought of things no one else thought of, he changed the world and brought about a new age to technology. He introduced many new things we never thought of, he wanted to be unique, special. Despite having many failures he still chose to continue, he was determined and did not give up. Even after death, his legacy still lives on.

People like Steve Jobs inspire me to be different, to not be the employee but the boss. I am inspired by those great figures and taught me to use this opportunity that is called life to make myself known to everyone, to make a new change. I have been sleeping for billions of years only to wake up now to this world, and I shouldn't waste this chance and should take advantage of it. 
What drives me and steve jobs
Me: To get the things that I want to achieve, I have to make a change. It would be a strong or a weak change. It's up to me. The stronger the change I make, the bigger the affect i get.
Steve: He wanted to make a big step ahead to make a smart phone instead of just being mainstream and continue to make keyboard phone.

What Drives Me and Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was able have a second thought about what people didn't even bother to think of, he was able to identify the beauty of the colour white for example. His Creativity also enabled him to create the user-friendly iPhone. His mindset was different from other people, thus allowing him to look at things in a different manner to make those things better in a different way.
Me? I just think that there are infinite possibilities of improvement to a product, And that there will never be a 'Best Phone'. It is because of this, if the iphone, for example, continues on to 6,7 or even more, people will get bored of it and a new type of phone would be released my another brilliant mind, Thats the reason why Apple is adapting to the desires of human needs, their products are constantly changing, But in the end, All apple products of the present will be forgotten because of the changes in human desire of the iPhone... And change is what drives me to innovate.

What drives Steve Jobs and me?

What drives Steve Jobs to be innovative?

His beliefs are that it is fine to be different and unique from the rest and one need not do the same as others. He also believed in unleashing his creativity. He created the iPhone, the first phone in history to not have a physical keyboard. He did that to advance technology in this world and make the world a better place. Furthermore, the phone that he has designed is also simple which allows not much friction between the user and the phone, thus, making it more user-friendly.

What drives me to do my best?

I strive to do my best in life as this opportunity, whether big or small, simple or difficult, it may only come once in my life and I want to treasure this chance and do it well. Also, to do well in life, we have to set goals. For me, I have done that and day by day, I am inching forward, getting closer and closer to it and hoping to achieve the goal I want. Other than academics, I do my best in every way I can, Art, Sports and Wellness etc. It is also the encouragements I have from my peers, teachers and parents that have led me to my achievements today.

Mini-Group WallWisher

This is the our mini-group's wallwisher ( Sorry for only having 4 categories)

Thursday, 24 January 2013

What drives Steve Paul Jobs is probably the continuous of creative ideas on the market.
What drives me is my co-curricular activity.It requires me to have self-discipline,sportsmanship and integrity.

what drive steve jobs and what drive me

well what have driven steve jobs is that the creative thoughts in his brains , and what have drive me is the thought of being alive.


My slogan for the hover car

It's a car, an awesome HOVER CAR!


 Invention 3

Slogan:walk more, smell less!

Monday, 21 January 2013

Sunday, 20 January 2013

The Underwater Seer

Slogan: To see beyond what you could see

The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs by Carmine Gallo

Please watch the video and read the slides before your next lesson in Term 1 Week 3.

The video will give you a sense of the traits of a successful innovator, Steve Jobs.

Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs (YouTube Video)

Also, there is a set of slides explaining the 7 Principles on the internet. The url link is as below.

Slides on the 7 Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Flying Car

Slogan: To soar above all others when you can.

Slogan: innovators are creative inventors and inventors are creative innovators but both are problem solvers

The Water Condenser!

Slogan: With This Baby Sucking Water Out Of The Air, You Will Never Need To Buy Another Bottle Of Water Ever Again!

Friday, 18 January 2013

Wacky Inventions Segway

Manoeuvre by the best way, go SEGWAY!

A Wacky Invention!

A super interesting creation I saw on Youtube a few years ago (I surprisingly still can remember). I'm really sorry but everything is in Chinese...Hope you can understand it!

Creepy, But kinda cool

Slogan : Never Be Alone Again, With This, You Will Have a Friend

Wacky inventions

multi use, efficient and space saving.

The homework

Now all u need is $5 and a smartphone to enjoy epic music experience

Crazy invention.

Only pay attention to 0:45-1:04.
"Soundless table moving, effortlessly."

google project eyeglass

cool , stylish and neat.

Thursday, 17 January 2013


Slogan: Jetpack joyride, in real life.

Rolling laptop

Stylish. Compact. Innovative.

popinator inventions slogans

power of pop

Slogan for a wacky invention

It's a phone, it's a tablet. Lets take the risk and make a Phablet!

Folding Chair - By Kiang Jia Ming Kenneth (17)

Our creation is made for your creation.

T1W2 Homework

Slogan for invention

butter stick
 sticky butter, make sure your butter sticks to your bread,sticky butter for the future.

Slogan for Invention

Invention: Apollo Dress Shirt

Video :3

My Slogan ^-^: 
Apollo Dress Shirt. Live the future.

Okay, I know it's an unoriginal and boring slogan but I really couldn't think of anything. xD

Necessity is the mother of invention
The people living in the village are either too poor or too difficult to afford the comfort of light. So this unreceived necessity had made a man realise the problem thus, giving birth an useful invention. Therefore the statement, “Necessity is the mother of invention” is valid. The bottle of water was ordinary but the person made it epic. He used it to magnify the sunlight to brighten up the villagers home. It was definitely not impossible to make but it takes a fair amount of time.