Thursday, 15 August 2013

3 things to improve as a presenter by Johanna Lim Ziyun

3 things to improve as a presenter
1) Engaging the crowd
We need to engage the crowd by having hand gestures and a voice filled with tone and expression. We need to attract the attention of the crowd for them to listen to your idea or topic. We can also do abrupt actions at appropriate times so that others will pay more attention to you. Other than that, the slides should not be too wordy and you should not read from them. 

2) Articulating your voice and having diagrams in your presentation
You need to articulate your voice in order for others to hear you. When they hear you, they will be able to listen attentively and at the same time, know what you are talking about. You can also show diagrams to illustrate what you are saying so others will not get bored. 

3) Eye-contact

They provide a direct link between the presenter and the audience. How you handle that connection
can make a significant difference to the outcome of the presentation. If you avoid looking at the audience - concentrating instead perhaps on the screen, your notes or your shoes - you'll give the impression that you don't care about them. You need to make eye-contact with them to show that you are serious about the presentation. You can look at different people but at subsequent intervals, we are not supposed to make it so abrupt and awkward. 

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