Wednesday, 14 August 2013

The Red Dot Museum Reflection

1) Can you find evidence of SCAMPER?

a) A ring that was also a 3-D puzzle. (Combine)


b) A light that used LED strips instead of light bulbs for easier installation. (Substitute)

c) The Drain Saddle, a bicycle seat which has holes in it. This was for water to flow through when a bicycle is left in the open and it rains. Thus, this design prevents the seat from getting wet. (Adapt)


d) Earrings that could be combined together to form a sphere. This prevents someone from losing their earrings. (Adapt)

e) The Faltwerk table, which can be extended without removing objects from your table. (Eliminate)

2) Name one thing that you have learnt from the designs you have seen in the the Red Dot Museum.

The products in the Red Dot Museum are mostly simple products. When we design, we must think in this mindset: Our product doesn't have to be complicated. It just needs to solve a problem. 

3) Take a picture of the design that you like the most and explain why it appeals to you.

Video to actual Product:

I found it really cool that something like this existed, where that a vehicle can adapt to fit the given situation. I found it so mind blowing it the video showed me the potential applications for this. This makes mining so much easier and safer. I can't believe someone thought of this. 

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