Sunday, 18 August 2013

3 things to improve as a presenter - Darie

Know how to use had gesture
-During presentation,I would always stand very straight and do not not know how to move around.The presentation will eventually become very awkward and very boring so I think this is a point I could work on.
Be more confident
-When I am speaking I would stutter over words as I am not sure is the word I am saying correct and eventually I will become softer and run out of things to say.I should also understand my presentation better so saying it would be a breeze.
Write a script for it
-Another reason I am not confident is because I do not write a script as I always thought I could finish the presentation easy without any problem but everything changes when you are presenting.Usually I make up my script along the way in the presentation so that is why I also stutter over word.

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