Friday, 16 August 2013

Red Dot Museum Reflection by Johanna Lim Ziyun

Reflection: Visit to the Red Dot Museum
Full name: Johanna Lim Ziyun
Class/Index/Date of visit: S1-09, (3), 13th August 2013

Can you find examples of SCAMPER? (Find as many as you can)
The examples were:
Its elements in SCAMPER are modification and adaptation. The computer works just like the Macbook, except that it is able to rotate its screen by 360 degrees. This is its special function. You will then be able to view the screen of the laptop when it is sideways or backwards. 

Its element in SCAMPER is elimination. It is a clock but instead of using numbers to show the time, it eliminates it and uses words.

This is a solar-powered calculator, it is known as the X Mark II. The elements it possesses are elimination, substitution and modification. It eliminates batteries being used in the process and instead, it replaces it with solar power. It thus substitutes the batteries. They also have laser-engraved control keys so that the symbols will not wear off. This is a modification of normal calculators. 

 It is convenient to use. It possesses the element of modification. The gauge, which is often difficult to read, is attached to a rotatable metal footpad to facilitate a comfortable reading angle. This design has been modified to this extent over the years. It has a patented pinch-free hose with flip head to make it convenient to use. 

This product possess the element of adaptation. It was once originally developed as protective glass for military aircrafts. Now, it has adapted to the environment and is now, weather resistant, which also includes a water and oil repellent and last but not least, it adjusts to your present lighting condition. 

Learn from it:
Name one thing you have learnt from the designs you have seen in the Red Dot Museum
The one thing I have learnt is that when designing, there are many possibilities and they are endless. We should not think of the impossible and let it slip past. I have also learnt that when designing a product, there are a lot of factors to consider and we can also combine or substitute items into one convenient product.

My favourite exhibit 

My favourite exhibit is the speed guard. This device actually relates to my topic of road accidents. Other than that, it shows the speed the driver is going at and whether they should slow down or not. I believe that this can be improved via various ways so we are trying to make it better.

This has helped prevent many accidents but still, not many people utilise is wisely. They just turn a deaf ear to it. The device is really magical as it can connect via the GPS in order to find the speed of cars and to tell drivers to slow down. I did not expect it to be invented but it is! This will help society, to make it a better place.

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