Sunday, 18 August 2013

Red Dot Museum Reflection

Full Name: Lok Yang Teng
Class/Index /Date of visit :S109,20,13 August 2013

Can you find examples of SCAMPER?(Find as many as you can)

Its element is modification.The lighting which looks like a tree works like a normal one but has light bulbs at the end of each branch.

Its elements are modification and substitution. The hanging upside-down human has a light bulb in it so it works like one.

Its elements are rearrange, modify and substitute. The lights looks light flower petals which are separated and put to use as lightings.

Learn form it:
Name one thing you have learn from the designs that you have seen in the Red Dot Museum.

The one thing I learnt from all the designs is that we can be creative and can come out with unlimited designs fulfilling the task or criteria.

Your Favourite Exhibit:
Take a picture of your favourite exhibit that you like the most and explains why it appeals to you.

Its elements are combine and put to other use. The bird came from a decoration and so does the porcelain plate. By combining it, it may somewhat look like a bird bath. 

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