Thursday, 15 August 2013

Red Dot Museum Reflection by Kiang Jia Ming Kenneth

Full Name: Kiang Jia Ming Kenneth
Class/Index/Date of Visit: S109/17/15-8-13

Substitute: A machine that converts pet waste into fertiliser, it substitutes using a plastic bag.
Combine: A baby stroller with an umbrella.
Adapt: A toothbrush that has a removable brush so you can use a new brush when your brush is getting old.
Modify: A clock that used words instead of numbers or minute/hour/second hands. I guess it is easier to read?
Put to other use: A Yoyo that has a certain type of leaf for a mosquito repellent and converts its kinetic energy to light energy.
Eliminate: A water tap that looks like those automatic taps but has a valve on it while maintaining the same shape as an automatic tap. This saves space.
Rearrange: A shuttlecock that has a detachable cone so that you only attach it when you want to play badminton. They are seperated as the cone is very fragile in enclosed areas, once you detach it you can flatten it to a circular shape without breaking it.

Learn From It:
I have learnt that the products actually has the same purpose and has a similar mechanism, but are just improved on certain areas, like efficiency, space saving or adaptation.

Your Favourite Exhibit
This is the picture of the design I like most. It appeals to me as you are able to flip the display around so that you can adjust to your liking. It is useful as you can watch videos when you don't have a table and you can look at it like an iPad. After a little more research, I realised it is also a touch screen display, so you can use it like a tablet. So it can be a tablet with more powerful specs, which is impressive.

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