Sunday, 18 August 2013

Red Dot Museum Reflection - Darie

Elimination-A lamp with parts taken out of it and when the light is shone it makes a beautiful pattern
Combine-There is a watch which show two different time zone

Substitute-There is a stand which looks like a tree/branches.With many different branches poking out of it, it allows you to put you jacket/clothes on i.There is also cutleries in the shape of twigs
Modify-Instead of the second and hour hands on the watch,they replaces them with letter
Learn From It:
I learnt that many sometimes a simple idea is the best innovation ever.In the red dot museum,there are some ideas which are very simple but yet we have never thought of that before

Your Favourite Exhibit

The green and black thing is a speaker that makes the sound louder it is not some expensive speaker that you buy in a store but just a simple piece of rubber and it would also probably be cheap and a better idea than the one where you buy in stores.That is why I like it

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